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SEPAmail – Norme 1206

Cette page fait partie de la version 1206 de la norme.

Sauf indication contraire, elle a été validée par les instances concernées et s'impose à tous les adhérents SEPAmail.
ATTENTION ! La version 1606 de la norme est disponible, vérifiez si cette page est toujours valable.

  • These implementation rules shall be applied in accordance with ISO20022 and SEPA own implementation rules. Thus, unless explicitly specified, data contained within a field or XML structure of a SEPAmail message must comply with the constraints related to the equivalent field or XML structure in ISO20022 or SEPA messages.
  • for an explanation of the color coding used in the tables below, see this page
  • for general rules applying to all fields, see this page
  • for business rules directing these IG, see this page


This document describes the contents of the Sepamail message used by a debtor or his bank to subscribe, or cancel a subscription, to a payment activation scheme.

The full name of this message is sepamail_message_payment.activation_PaymentActivationEnroll.

This message should be generated and sent by the debtor's bank, following a direct action from the debtor.

No equivalent of this message exists in ISO schemas. Thus, the messages only includes a non-ISO part, described here.

source ActEnr_Intro.txt, date Tue Aug 07 11:26:51 CEST 2012

Abstraction level

To facilitate upgrades, an abstraction level has been inserted at the root of this element.

The actual contents of the ActivationEnroll element must be any one of the sepamail_message_payment_activation_enroll_xxx structures.

Currently, only one such structure is defined, the 001.

source ActEnr_Abstract.txt, date Tue Aug 07 11:26:51 CEST 2012

ActivationEnroll body

source ActEnr_Body.txt, date Tue Aug 07 11:26:51 CEST 2012

Ref Mult Message Element Sepamail requirement
A1 [1..1] ++ CreDtTm Creation date and time, ISO format
A2 [1..1] ++ CdtrICQX Identifier of the creditor
A3 [1..1] ++ DbtrName First name + last name of the debtor. For a company, legal name.
A4 [1..1] ++ DbtrDsplName Debtor's displayed name (commercial name, alias ...)
A5 [1..1] ++ DbtrAcct Mandatory : IBAN (or QXBAN)
A6 [1..1] ++ DbtrAgt Mandatory : BIC
A7 [1..3] ++ CustRef Customer references, delivered by the creditor, unambiguously identifying the debtor in the creditor reference system for one given contract.
A8 [1..1] ++ MyPmtMtd This field describes the debtor's preferred payment method.
A8.1 [1..1] +++ PmtMtd Payment method chosen by debtor. Possible values are CHK (check), TRF (Transfer), DD (Direct Debit), and CARD (payment card).

Within 1206 version, the only usable value is TRF.

A8.2 [0..1] +++ PmtMtdId Payment method-specific identifier : mandatory for CARD (the card number), it is optional in all other cases. For TRF payment, this field can be used to indicate another IBAN to be used for the transfer. For CHK or DD, it may hold an internal reference number.

Within 1206 version, this tag is never used and must be absent.

A9 [0..1] ++ CommCond
A9.1 [1..1] +++ Enrolled Indicates that the debtor, regarding the relevant creditor:

- either commits or updates (with another QXBAN) his enrollment (value=true)
- or cancels a previous enrollment (value=false)
In case of enrollment updating, the new QXBAN replaces the previous one.

A9.2 [0..1] +++ SendFullInvoice Indicates if the debtor wants to receive full invoices included in the payment requests. (default : invoice extracts only)

source ActEnr_Body.tab, date Tue Aug 07 11:26:51 CEST 2012