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  • These implementation rules shall be applied in accordance with ISO20022 and SEPA own implementation rules. Thus, unless explicitly specified, data contained within a field or XML structure of a SEPAmail message must comply with the constraints related to the equivalent field or XML structure in ISO20022 or SEPA messages.
  • for an explanation of the color coding used in the tables below, see this page
  • for general rules applying to all fields, see this page
  • for business rules directing these IG, see this page


This document describes the contents of the SEPAmail message used to indicate a money transfer.

The full name of this message is sepamail_message_credit.activation_CreditTransferAdvise.

This message must be generated on behalf of the debtor, and sent by itself or by its bank.

This message is based upon ISO 20022 pain.001 message. For adaptability reasons, it also includes non-ISO parts. All message parts are described in this document.

Message Root

Mult Message Element SEPAmail requirement
[1..1] + CreditTransferAdvise

Internal abstraction level

To facilitate upgrades, an abstraction level has been inserted at the root of this element.

Mult Message Element SEPAmail requirement
[1..1] sepamail_message_credit_activation_credit_transfer_advise_001 First version of the structure

ISO and Non-ISO parts

Ref Mult Message Element SEPAmail requirement
A [1..1] ++ Transfer some kind of pain.001, see below
B [0..1] ++ Complement Non-ISO part, described further in this document

ISO Part : Transfer

This element must contain one of the current versions of the pain.001 messages, currently versions 2 to 5.

Ref Mult   Message Element SEPAmail requirement
A1 [1..1] {Or + TransferV02 pain.001.001.02
A2 [1..1] Or + TransferV03 pain.001.001.03
A3 [1..1] Or + TransferV04 pain.001.001.04
A4 [1..1] Or} + TransferV05 pain.001.001.05

source CdtAdv_Choice.tab, date Mon Dec 16 20:52:14 CET 2013

Non-ISO Part : Complement

This part of the message adds information used by the SEPAmail/JADE system, to provide users with richer functionalities.

The Complement element MUST NOT be used when empty.

Ref Mult Message Element SEPAmail requirement
B1 [1..1] + ExpirationDate The date and time at which the bank may no longer intiate a payment in relation with the current message. Mandatory if an answer is required.
is_present(B5) => is_present($(self))
B2 [0..1] + DisplayName Initiating party name, as shown to the recipient. If absent, party name from ISO part is used.
B3 [0..1] + Logo Initiating party logo.
B4 [0..*] + Document Documents from which the transfer order originates, or associated with it.
B4.1 [1..1] ++ Type Currently, should be “information”. More values should be defined.
B4.2 [0..1] ++ Date Document date, ISO format
B4.3 [1..1] ++ Title Document title
B4.4 [1..1] ++ Reference Document reference
B4.5 [1..1] ++ Lang Language code for document language
B4.6 [0..1] ++ Contents
B4.6.1 [1..1] +++ mime-type
B4.6.2 [0..1] +++ name document name. This should typically contain a "technical" designation, for instance the file name
B4.6.3 [1..1] +++ data actual contents of the document, may be anything depending on MIME type. It can for example contain simply an URL where the document is accessible.
B5 [0..1] + ExpAgrmt If a reply is expected, this element must be present and describe the agreement expected from the beneficiary. MUST be present if the pain.001 contains a QXBAN.
((CreditAdvise:Creditor:IBAN ~ "^QX") => is_present($(self))
B5.1 [1..1] ++ Type Type of agreement required. Usage rule: allowed values are "none" (information only), "authentication" and "signature".
B5.2 [1..1] ++ Description Formal sentence which the recipient must accept or decline.
B5.3 [0..*] ++ DocRef Reference to one or several of the above documents (B4). Each of these elements MUST match one of the B4.4 elements above.
every B5.3 satisfies some B4 satisfies (B5.3 == B4.4)
B5.4 [0..1] ++ Accepted MUST be omitted in this message.
not is_present($(self))
B6 [0..1] + Options Currently unused, could be used for future extensions, such as guarantee from initiating bank.

source CdtAdv_NonISO.tab, date Mon Dec 16 20:52:14 CET 2013