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RUBIS is a SEPAmail application. Its precise name is "RUBIS@SEPAmail". RUBIS is the acronym of the french denomination "Règlement Universel Bancaire Immédiat & SEPA", whih means "Universal and Immediate SEPA Payment".

The application aims to process payment requests but is also able to initiate the relevant payments.


At the end 2010, the Finance Ministry asked the stakeholders to propose a new kind of payment, the local credit transfer (virement de proximité). The business requirements for this new means were simple:

  • payment initiated by the customer,
  • which allows invoices payments by individuals,
  • also enabling person-to-person payments.

In parallel, the SEPAmail project just started its first real flows with SFR for GEMME flows, managing authorizations of taking. The invoices settlement had been considered by SEPAmail since 2008 and it was then decided to build a new service in the context of the SEPAmail messaging service in order to fulfill the requirements on the "local credit transfer".

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