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The basic process of the SEPAmail messaging service is based on 2 types of missives:

  • The nominal missive which allows data transmission in the interbank environment
  • The acknowledgment missive, systematically sent by the recipient for each nominal missive received

In the interbank context, these 2 missives are fully sufficient as each member is required to be always ready to receive (24/7 service).

SEPAmail is a standard which intends to be used with companies, and the testing phase demonstrated it was difficult to oblige companies to be always ready to receive. In order to bypass this constraint and to allow the usage of the SEPAmail standards in a different context than the interbank one, the service missive has been created.

The service missive allows a company to systematically initiate the connexion with the member, for both nominal or acknowledgement missives sending (similar situation as in interbank context). This is also the case for companies to receive missives (nominals ou acknowledgement).

As all the relationship components between a member and its customers, the usage and the implementation of this missive are optional.


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