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The benefits for participants

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The benefits targeted for customers

  • A simple management of day to day administative tasks in a similar way to payments (credit transfers, direct debits, cards) and to electronic safe
  • A unique portal (its bank) and thus a simplified connection for most of customers
  • A multi-cannel capability allowing banks to deliver different services
  • A unique reachability (to reach and to be reached) in Europe and usage opportunities outside of Europe
  • A 7/7 - 24/24 availability from home, one's company or from the mobile
  • A simplified machine to machine dialog
  • A usage which does not require prior harmonisation between the different countries

A growth opportunity for payment actors

  • A growth opportunity on services related to payment flows
  • No move of the value-added to non banking actors
  • A complementary action towards e-economy through the dematerialisation of paper-based documents and their exchanges
  • The SEPAmail concept allows to adapt to many types of messages related to commercial acts
  • SEPAmail is based on and valorize the multi-channel approach: branch, unattended machine, phone, Internet
  • Competitive costs as the use of systems based on the "systemic importance IS" standards is avoided
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